Online Casino Complaints

Are you facing some challenges with any of the online casino sites we partner with? Submit your complaint and let Betnspin experts help out. 

Things you Should Check before Filling a Casino Complaint

Complaint Process Explained: A Step-by-step Guide

When experiencing issues with an online casino, there are basically four steps you need to carry out to solve the problem. Let’s consider these steps briefly below. 

FAQs & Guidelines

Carefully go through the FAQs & guidelines section. Find out any useful information on solving the problem by yourself and if you can file a complaint.

Investigation Begins

After submitting your complaint, wait for two working days to hear from us. We might ask for additional details on the issue to have a clearer understanding of the problem.

Contacting the Online Casino

Our dispute resolution experts will reach out to the online casino concerning the complaint. If they don’t respond, we will provide other effective ways to assist you.

Solving the Problem

The support team will mediate between you and the casino site to help resolve the problem. We will make sure to keep the communication intact.

Types of Casino Complaints

Every month, thousands of online casino users come to us with different complaints about their transactions with the casino sites, or issues with registering. Many users don’t also follow up with these complaints so the messages become a DOA (Dead-On-Arrival) complaint.

There are various challenges players can experience when interacting with these platforms, though, we have categorized them into the following types of casino complaints. Let’s check them out below.  

Term Compromises/Violations

Term violation is the most common type of casino complaint. For instance, a player may complain about not being awarded their casino bonus payments. It’s worth noting that each internet casino has its unique rules, terms, and conditions which players must read and ensure to understand. Failure to comply with these conditions is what causes many disappointments to the players—including lost funds.

Scandalous Actions from Casinos

There are also some internet casinos that are operated by folks who aim to garner as much money from bettors and run off with it—and plan to never pay their players. The ideal thing to do about this is to properly research the online casino before patronizing it. Get to know what other players and review sites are saying before ever depositing your money. This is essential because, once you deposit money into a casino, it’s now in their control. So, do your research beforehand.  

Delayed Payments or No Payments

In this complaint type, the online casino delays its payment to bettors, or the casino might not pay its gamblers the money owed to the player. One effective way to sort this out is to continuously follow up, applying proper pressure to the platform. While doing so, ensure to inform them that if they don’t do the right thing, the casino will bear the consequences. 

KYC Challenges

The KYC (Know Your Customer) protocol is instituted for corporate institutions to enable them to know the true identities of their customers. Thus, users have to provide their government-issued IDs and other useful required documents to verify their accounts. If you want to avoid any problems here, provide all required documents to the online casino. Also, don’t provide any false documents, as this will lead to serious complications for you and you will be tagged as a fraudster. Thus, comply with the casino and exercise patience while awaiting your verification.

Game Failures 

Be informed that most internet casino sites have a policy that declares that their games aren’t liable for any technical failures or errors. A reliable casino will sort out their players properly if any errors occur, whereas, some others will refer players to their T&Cs and just ignore players. If there are cases (which are rare) where many players are complaining about the exact same issue and have proof, the online casino will make its compensation.

Self-Exclusion (SE) Problems

This is a case that hasn’t been totally sorted out for a majority of internet casinos because the rules are still being developed and re-edited each day. Regardless of whatever kind of SE services the internet casino provides, it’s worth noting that successful SE is mainly determined by the bettor’s readiness to be fully responsible for their actions, and the consequences. If you truly want to self-exclude, then, put it in a written format and have the casino approve your request (also in writing), and maintain your decision.

Tips for Making a Complaint to an Online Casino

As we’ve stated earlier, try resolving the issue directly with the company before reaching out to us. Use all forms of legal communication means they have provided on the website to reach out to them and talk to the customer service support team. 

Always make it a point of note to document every step and action taken to resolve any problems with the online casino website. By doing this, you will be able to provide proof for resolving your case and give you a winning edge over the matter. Have screenshots of everything, including email threads, live chats, and even bank statements. This provides you with solid proof. 

Constant follow-up on the casino site is important to receive a resolution to your complaints. This has been one major issue with bettors who file complaints about casinos, they don’t follow up with the online gambling platform or with us after then. 

Emotions aside, consider the situation in retrospect before filing your complaint. We are not invalidating your feelings of up and disappointment but you want to be sure that you’re not the one who has defaulted. And, emotions will not help in getting things resolved. Carefully consider the facts of the situation and explain in the clearest terms what has happened between you and the online casino.

The regulator or auditor may contact you, requesting more information on your complaint. This might come in various forms, including an online questionnaire or email. They would request that you provide all the solid information you have as evidence, such as screenshots. In such cases, it’s expedient that you cooperate; which includes you providing all necessary required documents within the stipulated time frame.

Also, keep in mind that the online auditor or licensing authority is eager to assist you to see that you’re sorted out properly for free. While these individuals will spend much time evaluating and investigating the case, you will need to also be mindful of how you communicate with them. Using foul language while responding to them will only be at your loss. 

Don’t Hesitate – Write Down and Submit Your Complaint

Be aware that a majority of renowned online casinos will be ready to respond to any stated complaint as soon as possible. However, in cases where they might fall short and the issue isn’t yet resolved, you don’t need to file multiple complaints. Instead, don’t panic. Feel free to always reach out to Betnspin via mail, live chat, or any possible means to know what is going on with the issue. We are always there to assist you in resolving any casino complaint you have.

Complaints FAQ

  • How is this service free?

    All casino players should be qualified for honest, professional advice when they encounter casino website problems. No matter what goes wrong, we’re here to provide our assistance. We provide these services for free because we get commissions, and we enlist for creating traffic to their websites. Moreover, the betting platforms don’t get to contribute or make an effect on what content we create. By doing this, we are totally independent and provide our gambling services without charge to bettors. 

  • What are the issues that I might have with an online casino?

    There are various challenges you might face on an online casino website, including game errors, delayed payments, and registration issues. Our dispute team will communicate with any casino site we have records and partnerships with to resolve your challenges. Please note that the resolution might take some time to review and come to positive conclusions. Ensure to check our list of partnered casinos to avoid future disappointments. 

  • Can I get my money back from the casino after I submit the complaint?

    Betnspin has helped several players to regain their money so far, and we’ve got no plans on slowing down. You can get your money back if it has been illegitimately confiscated by a casino after investigations and a successful resolution. One of the best ways to sort this problem faster is by providing concrete details on the transaction. This is imperative as every useful information will take us many steps further into the case in a short while.

  • Who regulates online casinos?

    Online casinos are regulated by gambling regulatory bodies or licensing authorities, such as MGA, UKGC, and Curacao eGaming. These regulatory watchdogs are most often owned by the federal governments of countries and ensure that legal gambling entities provide a fair betting experience to players.

  • Can I sue an online casino?

    You can sue an online casino if your locked funds are trapped in their platforms. If after you’ve exhausted all your recovery options—even after our assistance, and after threatening them—they still haven’t resolved your complaint, contact a specialist lawyer and have the lawyer take up the case.